Why Desert's End?

We're really into transformation here. Broken to restored. Blindness to Sight. Death to life. Sorrow to joy. And joy to ever increasing joy.

This world is a hard place. Beautiful sometimes, but hard.  When we decide to follow Jesus, to trust Him, that beauty begins to take over. The hard heart is softened. The hard ground is broken. The desert we've been in for so long begins to change. Our hearts, our lives, and our communities begin to change. One day even Creation itself will share in this transformation.

The Bible talks about it this way:

The Wilderness and the Dry Land shall be glad;the Desert shall rejoice and blossom like the crocus;it shall blossom abundantlyand rejoice with joy and singing.

[Read the whole chapter. It's totally worth your time.]

We don't believe we've reached the end, but in Jesus, we've come to the beginning of the end of the Desert, and the beginning of a new kingdom with eternal springs, where we will never thirst again, and Jesus will reign forever as King.

Why Church Community?

We know that it's easy to become disconnected in our culture, with things like online shopping, fast food delivery, and automated garage door openers isolating us from our neighbors around us.

Churches used to begin within communities that were already existing, but with these growing 'conveniences', that kind of community is growing more rare. Rather than waiting for our culture to create and define community, we want to do our best to bring to the culture God's plan for what a community ought to be.

Therefore, instead of being a church that grows up around a community that is already there, we want to be a church that models a true and loving unity: the church community.