What is a 'Faith Team'?

A Faith Team is a small group of people the meet together outside the regular Sunday morning services. Christian churches use all sorts of names to describe smaller meetings within the main community, but we like this one in particular. They are called teams to emphasize that, though there is a lot of social interaction, they do not meet merely as a social club, but to work with one another to achieve specific goals. And they are called faith teams to emphasize that the work exerted is done through confidence in God's promises found in the Bible.

Why do you have Faith Teams?

The Bible is full of commands to loveserveencourage, and comfort one another. Though some of this certainly happens on a Sunday morning, it is easy to get lost in a crowd or overwhelmed by the number of people to meet. Furthermore, it is easy to "fly under the radar" with things going in our life. Faith Teams allow us to connect more personally with others, to fill these needs of love and encouragement, and also to interact with God's truth and God's people in a more comfortable environment.

How often do these Teams meet?

Faith teams usually meet every couple weeks, though it may differ for each individual Team. They may also hold special events or extra meetings during the week for prayer or a meal.

What do you do at a Faith Team?

This also varies for each individual Team, but usually there is Bible reading and discussion, prayer, eating, and conversation.

How do I find or join one?

Anyone is welcome to visit a Team, just like a Sunday meeting! You may prefer one over the other because of a relationship, where you live, or the average age of the people on the Team. If you're interested in joining one but don't know which to choose, you can talk to a pastor on Sunday or contact us at the phone or email address below!