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A Guest Post By Timo McGeehon

"A passion for God isn't necessarily the same as abiding in God; it must be coupled with obedience to be true love for God."
- Ed Cole

"Human nature, if it is healthy, demands excitement; and if it does not obtain its thrilling excitement in the right way, it will seek it in the wrong. God never makes bloodless stoics; He makes no passionless saints."
- Oswald Chambers

There are few things as exciting as the transformation and redemption of one’s life from death to life. Conversely there are few things as disheartening as the fading desire to walk into this change. Once you decide to change, it feels like all the spiritual forces are made aware of your new resolve, and subsequently a target gets painted on your back. It is in these days and weeks after your decision to change that your real convictions and beliefs are brought to the surface as life tests their staying power. Going into week two of LT we all felt the excitement of being in a new place and diving into new lifestyles receding. We all still had the passion and desire to allow God to transform and shape us, but were now realizing how hard this life change was going to be to walk into for the rest of the summer.

We maintained our weekly dose of teachings throughout the week, receiving some amazing thoughts from Greg Christman, the Pastor here in LA, about fighting for your convictions and maintaining spiritual health and desire, a teaching on being interdependent (becoming like Christ and giving one’s life to the body of believers that is the church), and an introspective teaching on the emotional health of a Christian. Along with the amazing prayer times each morning and outreach throughout the week our days here in LA have continued to be packed with amazing things, and yet the question still comes to my mind whether I am really walking into lasting growth.

As much as I have been doing lots of good things, I know that this change in life that I am experiencing will only have staying power in my life if it is the conviction and passion of my own heart. But where do you get a passion to love and serve people, how do you obtain convictions on the truth, trustworthiness of our Father’s words? The short answer for me is that I can only love what Jesus loves when by learning to love with His love?

This last week I think everyone here has realized that life change is going to be more than just a summer project. But it is a project I hope we all will choose to walk into, despite how long or hard the road up ahead looks.

Grace and peace to the Family back in AZ! We all miss you guys and hope all is well!
Your Brother,