Our Mission

Bowing our everyday lives to the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is our savior, our Lord, and our friend. He gave his all for us, and so we give our all to him. In him, we experience transforming powerHe does not leave us unchanged, but for those who love him, he makes us more like him. We are changed from head to toe, from sunup to sundown. Our everyday lives are affected by the work of Christ's love and power. Because of this we submit to the master craftsman, bowing to his intentions for our life. As a result, our lives are beautiful testimonies to the grace of God and counter-cultural lights in a broken world.


Core Values

  1. God is the Lord, there we give him whole-life obedience.
  2. God is good and satisfying, therefore we pursue him in faith.
  3. As I experience God, I am changed to be more like him.
  4. God has brought his kingdom into the world, therefore we witness to that kingdom in power.

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Statement of Faith

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